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Tom Cheesman
Software architecture
Kevin Flanagan
Interface and visualization design
Studio NAND with support from Sebastian Sadowski
Text preparation
Tom Cheesman, Alison Ehrmann
TextViz scoping, prototyping, & alt. maths
Zhao Geng

Most translations on this site are © various publishers. The texts are reproduced here with permission. If you use (quote) a text, credit the translator and the copyright owner. Details for each translation are on the ">Project page.

The editorial content of this Translation Array is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The content can only be non-commercially re-used under the same kind of licence, with express credit to ‘Translation Array Prototype 1, by Tom Cheesman, Kevin Flanagan, Stephan Thiel and others, 2012’.

The VVV software powering this website is released under GNU general public licence v3. For details see This licence, authorship and copyright details are included with the source code, which is available at

Our thanks for generous assistance in kind to: ABBYY OCR Software (Colin Miller), Wolfestone Translation Ltd (Anna Bastek, Silke Lührmann, and their summer 2011 interns), Hartmann & Stauffacher, Theater Verlag Desch, Reclam, Suhrkamp, other German theatre publishers, and the many individual contributors to

Instigation: David M Berry. Advice: Dirk Delabastita, Balz Engler, Regula Hohl Trillini, Susan Schreibman, Chris Meister, Desmond Schmidt

2012 – Arts and Humanities Research Council, Digital Transformations Theme (TC with Robert S Laramee°, Jonathan Hope3); Swansea University and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: Bridging the Gaps (TC with Robert S Laramee)

2011 – Swansea University, Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, Research Innovation Fund (TC with David M Berry, Robert S Laramee°, Andrew Rothwell)

All named are currently at Swansea University, College of Arts and Humanities, except: °Swansea University, College of Science; ¹Studio Nand, Berlin; ²Fachhochschule Potsdam; 3Strathclyde University